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The logistics supply chain relies entirely upon freight transportation in manufacturing and distributing wares worldwide. It presents enormous challenges when a vast number of almost insurmountable difficulties affect not only environmental considerations but also those supporting some seven and a half billion inhabitants.


It is within this framework and hundreds more considerations,[including competencies within the crucial Road Transport Sector] that drives this Talking Trucks initiative.


Four years in the making, Talking Trucks was set up to provide Road Freight Operators (RFOs) with a facility to source specialised on-demand, bona fide counselling, and advisory services in the fields of: Business excellence; Fleet; Transport and Operations management.


Our mission is to create awareness of the pitfalls and challenges of supplying safe, cost-effective, and efficient road freight services within the bounds of available resources and constraints to a highly competitive and extremely challenging market.


The Talking Trucks strategies are based on the premiss that there are five strategic components in road transport servicing both the Macro and Micro-environments [referred as the “Trading” environment]. Jointly, these core components optimise difficulties in achieving acceptable Carrier ROI and shareholders’ investment.


   The 5 Principal Road Freight Components include:


                     1.  LOAD

                     2.  ROAD

                     3.  TRUCK

                     4.  DRIVER

                     5.  SHARE HOLDERS' INVESTMENT 

Although this may appear to be an over-simplification of a complex and challenging Carrier industry, one must bear in mind that each of these five components has a myriad of variables that grow at an exponential rate when including the Trading Environment.


Our approach is to help road freight Operators [both Public and Private Carriers] to appreciate their clients' concerns, then relate these to their own operation to show possible conflicts within these five Road Freight Components.

Hugh Sutherland 

Programme Coordinator

More services include the following:


These Topics have been chosen to address up to a 100 different issues that could determine whether you will be in business next year.


Dedicated Private Fleets

The challenges of moving

your own stuff

Transport Operators

(Professional Carriers)

The challenges of making money moving other people's stuff

Utility Fleets

The challenges of managing service vehicles

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