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 Sharing ideas for improving
Safety and Efficiency in the
Road Freight Industry

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Hugh Sutherland LCGI (UK)

Programme Coordinator

The logistics supply chain relies entirely upon freight transportation to manufacture and distribute its wares worldwide. However, it is being severely challenged on a vast number of almost insurmountable fronts, affecting not only environmental considerations, but also those supporting some seven Billion inhabitants.

It is within this framework and hundreds more considerations, including building competencies within the crucial Road Transport Sector, that drives this TalkingTrucks initiative.


These Topics have been chosen to address up to a 100 different issues that could determine whether you will be in business next year.


Dedicated Private Fleets

The challenges of moving

your own stuff

Transport Operators

(Professional Carriers)

The challenges of making money moving other people's stuff

Utility Fleets

The challenges of managing service vehicles


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