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Driving professionalism in the Industry

The logistics supply chain relies entirely upon freight transportation in manufacturing and distributing wares worldwide. However, it presents enormous challenges when a vast number of almost insurmountable difficulties affect, not only environmental considerations, but also those supporting some seven and a half billion inhabitants.


It is within this framework and hundreds more considerations [including competencies] that drives this Talking Trucks initiative.


Our mission is to create awareness of the challenges in providing safe, cost-effective, and efficient road freight services, within the bounds of their available resources and constraints, to a highly competitive and extremely challenging market.


    The 5 Principal Road Freight Components include:

     1.  LOAD

    2.  ROAD

    3.  TRUCK

    4.  DRIVER

    5.  INVESTORS 

Although this may appear to be an over-simplification of a complex and challenging Carrier industry, one must appreciate that each of the five components has a myriad of variables that grow at an exponential rate when implemented in an ever-changing Trading Environment.


Welcome to Talking Trucks


Revive your strategy to avoid a business meltdown

There is little doubt that recent events have led to a lot of speculation over future investment in the road transport industry, especially here in South Africa, which given the country’s low growth projections, ups the stakes enormously amidst high unemployment and its effect on the 'poor'' community, which could remain so for many years to come.

At this point it is impossible to speculate on the outcome of these events in the short, medium, and longer terms. However, lockdown legislation and its longer effects on the macroeconomy could last for some considerable time and further depress the demand for road transport, especially while uncertainty plagues investor confidence.