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Choose any of 10 Topics that could change the way you approach this year’s road transport and logistics challenges.

Let’s hear your views. These Topics have been chosen to address up to a 100 different issues that could determine whether or not you will have a successful business next year.

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Topic 1

Core Competencies – why and how five essential skill-sets drive a successful road transport business (commenced 2019/01/10)

Topic 2

15 minute exercise that could tell you whether you will  be in business next year (commenced 2019/01/17)

Topic 3

Is your management information system (MIS) telling you what you need to know – not what you already know?

(commenced on 2019/01/18)

Topic 4

Operating Cost Estimates (OCEs) why they can mislead you

(commenced on 2019/01/21)

Topic 5

Maintenance Contracts why they can cost you a lot of money. (commenced on 2019/01/23)

Topic 6

How rational is your fleet replacement policy?

(commenced 2019/02/01)

Topic 7

What influences your choice of vehicle supplier? (commenced 2019/02/05)

Topic 8

How much attention is given to SA’s precarious macro-economic situation in setting your Capital and Operating budgets? (Commenced 2019/02/11)

Topic 9

Do you rely on any single customer for more than half of your annual sales revenue?

(Commenced  2019/02/13)

Topic 10

Is pending legislation (Goods road transport permits) about to be reintroduced in SA this year? (Commenced 2019/02/15)

A guide to how it works

Topic: a subject of conversation or discussion; a general field of considerations from which arguments can be drawn.

Conversation: informal interchange of thoughts, information, etc. by spoken words; oral communication between persons; talk; colloquy (dialogue); an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue with a view to reaching an agreement.

Discussion: an act or instance of discussing; consideration; or examination by argument, comment etc.,especially to explore solutions; informal debate.

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