The purpose in launching this Serious Trucking initiative is to focus Road Transport Operators' attention on the reality that it's no longer "business-as-usual".

One Year Down

In what can be considered the biggest change to the road freight industry since scrapping of  Regulation, Road Freight Operators (RFOs) are being challenged to build a "new beginning"; one that needs  recovery of just about every aspect of their businesses.

Some will excel, some will struggle, while others will fall.

Servicing Debt

Rebuilding a road freight operation is a far greater challenge than most  imagine as the stakes are enormous - the greatest being servicing debt and satisfying Investors' expectations.

100-Point Plan to Excellence

With these challenges in mind, Talking Trucks has developed a 100-point Assessment Plan aimed to improve Safety and Profitability across five probabilities existing in Road Freight management.

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